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Founder & CEO

Andrew has a 4 decade history in the travel industry, with a varied background in Airline, Travel Agency Corporate Travel Management and Consulting.

Andrew's travel agency background started a the age of 29, as founder and CEO of Priority Travel, Inc. a New York based agency with international offices in London and Hong Kong.  Menkes also served in various regional and executive positions with a number of large corporate travel agencies.  Mr. Menkes joined Republic New York Corporation in January of 1997 as their first Vice President of Global Travel Management.  One year after Republic merged with HSBC, Andrew formed PTC.

Mr. Menkes was one of the 6 Founders of ACTE and has served as Vice President of Finance and Vice President of Administration  as well as the Board of Directors of the National Business Travel Association (now GBTA).  

Mr. Menkes has received recognition as the first Travel Manager to be accredited by ARC as a Corporate Travel Department (CTD), which he helped ARC to create.  He also pioneered the first corporate-direct (internet-based) Electronic Ticket purchase with British Airways.  Andrew has twice made the BTN Top 25 Most Influential Travel Executives.  In 1999, Business Travel News named Andrew Menkes Travel Manager of the Year.  

In December of 2014 Andrew was inducted into the Business Travel Hall Of Fame as the first travel manager to be recognized for this new award category.

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