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SVP & Chief Transformation Officer

Sophie, our SVP and Chief Transformation Officer, has a stellar track record in transforming travel and meetings programs for companies with T&E spends from $50M to over $1B. Her expertise spans industries like technology, entertainment, petroleum, and gaming, with successful tenures at Riot Games and Fortune 50 giants like Chevron, HP, and NBCUniversal.


Sophie excels in creating and optimizing travel and expense programs, leveraging data and technology to enhance traveler experiences. Her strategic vendor analytics have fostered strong partnerships, solidifying her reputation as a trusted corporate fiduciary.


During the pandemic, Sophie demonstrated her logistical prowess by orchestrating 150+ global events with budgets up to $90M. She’s a problem solver and innovator, committed to delivering sustainable, culturally adaptable solutions and world-class travel experiences.


Residing in Brentwood, Los Angeles, Sophie shares her love for travel with her husband Ali, a travel tech expert, and a former CTO of PTC.

Strategic Global Travel Programs

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