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Howard Z. Brooks

SVP Global Procurement Solutions

As Senior Vice President – Global Procurement Solutions, Howard brings a creative approach to the benefit of clients, travelers and suppliers.  His examination of different corporate cultures and objectives, result in fresh solutions specific to each client’s needs.  This agile 7 step approach was acknowledged by the Association of Corporate Travel Executives when presenting him with the Advancing the Corporate Travel Industry Award. 

A veteran of 3 decades in  corporate travel, Howard has created and managed global Travel and Card Programs for companies such as Sony Music Entertainment, McKesson Pharmaceuticals, and

As a result of a project for  Avaya Telecom, Howard was asked to create Procurian’s first Travel Center of Excellence which quickly grew to a full  Travel Management Consulting Practice. The Practice, managing a travel spend of over $1B, provided sourcing and travel program enhancements for several global companies across a variety of industries.  Going beyond the norm, Howard has negotiated contracts with Executive Jets, Rideshare companies, and Meetings & Events.

 During his career, Howard was awarded the Advancing The Industry award by the Association of Corporate Travel Executives (ACTE), and has been a speaker at numerous industry trade shows.  He has served on several Travel Industry advisory boards with airlines, hotel chains and card companies.

Howard joined Partnership Travel Consulting in February of this year, and heads up the firm’s global travel procurement practice where he supports procurement,  sourcing and finance executives in optimizing their managed travel and card programs.

Strategic Global Travel Programs

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