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Betty  Balli

VP of Meetings & Events

With over 25 years of marketing and event management experience, Betty has been a B2B marketing executive for major companies such Amadeus, Elizabeth Arden and Ask Jeeves prior to opening her own marketing and events firm, OMG Marketing. Betty is Partnership Travel Consulting’s VP of Meetings & Events


Betty manages over 80 marketing initiatives per year, almost half of which consisted of corporate events for major media clients, as well as Partnership Travel Consultants (PTC). Event development and management included domestic and international customer VIP events, road shows, trade shows and exhibits, virtual shows, sales meetings, and conferences. 


In addition, Betty has worked on major branding initiatives and campaigns including product launches, in-agency initiatives, advertising, direct mail, e-marketing such as e-mails and e-newsletters, collateral and sales material development, website creation, branding materials, etc.


Betty holds a Master of Science in Mass Communications as well as a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Florida International University. A native of Caracas, Venezuela, she has spent most of her life living and working in Miami, Florida, and is fully bilingual in both English and Spanish.

Strategic Global Travel Programs

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