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SVP Client Solutions

Neil has a 32-year history in the travel industry, starting in TMC Operations in 1987 and has expanded his portfolio of experience over the years.


Neil Blaauboer started his career with Rosenbluth International, spending his first 16 years honing skills in Operations, Account Management, Sales, to becoming one of the industry’s earliest Global Account Managers and grew into a key Regional General Manager at Rosenbluth.


Neil joined SeaGate Travel Group to stabilize many of their largest accounts, working closely with many Travel Managers, Procurement and Finance Executive, while reshaping and restructuring the SeaGate Account Management team in lead up to its sale to Hogg Robinson Group.


Neil served on the North America HRG Integration Team, that success earned him a spot on the HRG North America Executive team. This experience served well as he successfully led the effort of migrating HRG North America customers programs and Global Account Executive team into American GBT in 2018 and 2019.


In January of 2020 Neil created his long-crafted vision, to bring a Project Management Firm in the T+E space, harnessing the knowledge and talent of the best and brightest active travel industry experts. Trvl Upsource was designed to support projects on behalf of Buyers, TMC’s, Technology Designers/Providers, Airlines and Hoteliers. The firm is a strategic partner of Partnership Travel Consulting, with over 70 talented experts offering customized talent resources, to manage any project the clients require.



Mr. Blaauboer joined PTC on February 1st, 2021 bringing with him a vast industry network and notoriety, a honed ear that listens closely to the voice of the customer, the experience to know what needs to get done, and brings a wealth of support and network of talent behind him to tackle any challenge.

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